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The EcoMATIC Dryfeeding-system

Thursday 12 June 2014

New is the EcoMATIC feedingsystem. This system is based on the traditional DryMATIC feedingsystem, the CDI, but without mixing and weighing unit.  The EcoMATIC computer does not control any mixing/weighing unit, but does control  for instance several flexible augers, that dosate directly on the conveying tube. The EcoMATIC computer is able to control every drop individually, just like the traditional DryMATIC computer. Unlike the DryMATIC system, based on dosating on weight, the EcoMATIC system is based on dosating on capacity.

The EcoMATIC system is often used for controlling a filling circuit combined with several stable circuits. This can all be controlled by just one EcoMATIC computer.

In short, the EcoMATIC feeding system is equiped with the complex technics of a computer-controlled feeding system, but financially more attractive, because the mixing and weighing devices can be left out. 

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