The basic and essential parts of the feedingsystems, such as drive units, corners and loadinghoppers are sustainably constructed from the beginning and improved trough out the years. Kamplan combines these high quality AZA products with sustainable components.

For instance, Kamplan is the only company in this market that uses “Magnelis” conveying tube instead of the standard galvanized conveying tube. “Magnelis” conveying tube is specially tested in hard circumstances with ammonia and moisture. The results of the “Magnelis” tube are extremely better, compared to the standard galvanised conveying tube.

Another example in which Kamplan feedingsystems distinquish theirselves  from others, is the choice of Kamplan only to use the “industrial” type of conveying chain, instead of “ standard” conveying chain. This “industrial” conveying chain is much harder and will hardly extend or  wear out.

Unlike the “standard” conveing chain, that will easily wear out and extend, especcialy when more capacity is required or the circuits are longer.

Due to high quality components combined with sustainable  basic AZA parts, Kamplan is capable of producing a feedingsystem suitable for high capacity, long circuits and with a high reliability


Besides the hardware of a Kamplan feedingsystem, the sofware is an important aspect of the total system. Kamplan has years of experience in designing  and improving the controlpanels. This can range from a simple controlpanel to a complex and intelligent custom made controlunit, all in-house developed and built.

At this moment Kamplan collaborates with a well known German company. Because of this collaboration we can quickly react and serve more specific solutions for the market / customers.

The Dry feedingsystems are available in the following dimensions:

–          AZA 48 Dry feedingsystem traditional cap. 700Kg/h, available in conveying cable and conveying chain

–          AZA 60 Dry feedingsystem traditional cap. 1500Kg/h, available in conveying cable and conveying chain

–          AZA 60 computer controlled system  cap. 2300Kg/h, available in conveying cable and conveying chain

–          AZA 76 Dry feedingsystem traditional cap. 2500Kg/h, (for industry implementation)

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Liquid feeding

Kamplan is active in the development and installation of liquid feedingsystems over 30 Years now. The current Kamplan liquid feedingsystems benefit from these years of experience and innovations. Lees meer over brijvoorsystemen

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