Following our customers’ requirements, Kamplan has focused on these types of innovations as well. And as a result, Kamplan is leading the dutch market for automated feeding systems in the pig rearing industry!

For the past 20 years we have also invested in developing manure treatment systems which are extremely complex as well. Our systems are world class in performance, cost efficient and reduce emissions with over 90%!

Very positive customer references related to the many innovations throughout the years and high level of customer focus in the Kamplan team have led to international expansion outside our home market in The Netherlands as well. At the moment we serve customers around the world including Belgium, Germany, Japan and the United States of America.

Kamplan has always had a clear vision from the start: Develop and build high standard computerized systems that help our customers in the long run. Therefore quality, durabilty and reliability are the most important factors when we design a system!

Our daily mission is to get better every day. We combine innovation and qualitiy to serve our customers and eventually be the best in this industry, worldwide!

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