At Kamplan we are specialized in computer-controlled feeding automation and the processing of animal manure. Our everyday business consists of innovating, optimizing, improving and maintaining these systems. We do this together with all our innovation oriented  customers to make their company more sustainable. To achieve this, we have a targeted approach.

1. Inventory

We inventory the ideas of the customer. The customer has a wish and we do everything we can to implement these ideas in its company. This is where the experience as a company and of our technicians comes into play. A design is drawn up by our specialists, after which it is explicitly discussed with the customer.

2. Production

After a plan has been drawn up, the production can begin. For this we employ a team of project managers, electricians and mechanics. They work purposefully and in close contact with the farmer on the production of the installation so everything runs smoothly and as desired.

3. Maintenance

After production, Kamplan is jointly responsible for monitoring the process. Most malfunctions can be controlled remotely by the computer-controlled system. In addition, we have technicians who solve unforeseen circumstances on location. We also provide preventive maintenance.


Kamplan is an innovative company and stands for a better future. Together with the farmer, we are concerned with improving the contemporary farm. One of Kamplan’s innovations is the Total Circular Farm Concept (TCFC). The aim of this concept is to reduce emissions from the stables and the disposal of manure. The animal manure is converted into a clean odorless liquid by means of a biological process. The TCFC is a combination of a flushing system in the barn and a manure processing installation. Read more about the TCFC here

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