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Various systems



We supply, install and control systems to implement CCM. We mainly use stainless steel products specifically designed for CCM application, available in various designs and volumes.



Kamplan has developed a stainless steel dispenser, called "MediDOS" to add medication. This dispenser can both mix and dose out. The MediDOS is supplied with a control box equipped with frequency controlled finedosing and can be integrated in the feeding system in many ways.


Polyester silo's

The "Polem" polyester silo's are widely known in the agricultural sector and represent quality. This is why we are dealer of Polem silo's, so the customer may decline a complete product, including the polyester silo's. 


Cone mixers

Cone mixers are particularly suited to make a formixture of dry products. We supply and install these cone mixers and if required we place the cone mixers on load cells in combination with a weighing computer.


Trevira Silo's

Trevira silo's are a flexible and relatively inexpensive solution for the storage of ground or unground products. Due to the flexible nature of the silo, is bridging excluded. We can supply them in a variety of sizes and materials.


Grinding systems

Kamplan is dealer of the "ENGL" hammer mills. These hammer mills are suitable to grind the products on the farm such as wheat, barley or maize. If you are looking for a grinding system, please feel free to contact us for expert advice, even when it just concerns the control technology.



The unique Supp-Le-Milk system will help you to cope with large litters of piglets which will be weaned less and stressed sows. This system is ideal for suplementary feeding of the always growing  piglets in the litters, in which the quality and weight of the piglets is ensured. 

The Supp-Le-Milk feeding system uses a reservoir / mixing tank where the milk is mixed with hot water, after which it is dosed out into the farrowing. The system will be cleaned with hot water once a day, in order to remove any milk residue. With one installation you can provided 60 farrowing pens with milk.