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About us

Kamplan is established in 1978. At that time our core business  consists of basic dry feedingsystems for pigs, cattle and poultry. A few years later Kamplan expanded that core business with liquid feedingsystems.

Over the years their has been a constant development  and increasment of scale in the market. This  lead to a great need of automated (computerized) feedingsystems. For that reason Kamplan has laid its focus on computerized feedingsystems. In fact, as far as computerized feedingsystems for pigs is concerned, Kamplan is leading the market in the Netherlands!

Besides the Netherlands, Kamplan expanded their activities trough out the years.

At this moment we serve our own customers in Belgian, Germany, Japan and the United States of America.

Kamplan has had a clear vision from the start: Develop and built, high standard, computerized feedingsystems, which match the keywords: quality, durabilty and reliability!

The daily challange is to combine innovation and qualitiy to serve our customers and eventually be the best in this branche, worldwide!