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Liquid feeding

Kamplan is active in the development and installation of liquid feedingsystems over 30 Years now. The current Kamplan liquid feedingsystems benefit from these years of experience and innovations. Quality and durability are two main aspects of our liquid feedingsystems.  For example, the stainless steel tanks we installed by our customers years ago, are still in use and  often re-used in a new setting. It’s not just the good quality of the stainless steel material that these tanks are being re-used, but also the homogeneous mixture that can be produced, due to the intelligent design of the mixtanks. A homogeneous mixture is a very important aspect related to the feed intake of the pig and related to possible interferences, which can be the result of poor mixing. Kamplan stainless steel mixing tanks are square, with baffles for a good mixing process and a tapered cone, so the feedingsystem is easily able to empty the whole tank and start over for the next round. Furthermore, the mixing tanks are equipped with a mixing device which is able to run in two speeds. One high speed for perfect mixing and one low speed for perfect dosing.



WETmix speed

The Wet mix speed installation consists of two mixing tanks, in which simultaneously wetfeed can be prepared and dosed. If the mixture can be prepared in just  one tank, the computer will start in the other tank to prepare the following mixture. If the mixture is more than the contents of just one tank, the total mixture will be divided in  two or more charges. The big advantage of this system is that one can prepare both big and small portions and the system is very quick because of the simultaneous preparation of food.

WETmix netfeed A

This type of installation consists of a wetmix kitchen  in which  one or two mixing tanks can prepare and dose the liquidfeed. This system is  specially developed for big companies with large distance between the main wetmix kitchen and the stables. In such a case, one must operate with a subkitchen near by the stable(s). The main kitchen prepares the liquidfeed, which will be pumped in to the sub kitchen. The sub kitchen takes care of the distribution of the liquidfeed in the stable.  With this system you can easily serve stables on a large distance and still achieve precise dosing.

WETmix netfeed B

This sophisticated system consists of two or more computers which communicate with each other throughout a network. The preparation of the liquid feed is done in the main kitchen, controlled by the master computer. One or two mixing tanks are present in this kitchen.  The slave computers are situated somewhere else on the farm and control the subkitchens. These slave-computers instruct the master computer to prepare liquidfeed and pump this towards the subkitchens. The slave computers can be controlled by the master computer as well. The big advantage of this system is that both wet and dry components can be stored at one point and the ability to serve the whole system at several stations.   

Liquid feeding Projects