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Manure treatment

Kamplan has been active in manure separation and manure processing techniques since 1990.

Due to years of constant development and inprovement of the sophisticated technics, Kamplan accomplished its own manure treatment system. The system is based on a biological process. Kamplan combines this process  with sophisticated mechanical and electronic components, controlled by an intelligent computer. The result is a controlled continuous biological process with measurable results. 

Manure processing begins with separating the manure in a solid substance (25%) and a liquid substance (75%). For this seperation one can use a manure decanter or a screw press filter. Most of the phosphates end up in the solid substance and is relatively easy to remove. Nitrogen is largely present in the liquid substance  and can’t be removed mechanically. The liquid substance must be treated in a biological process. This biological process  takes care of  the tranformation of  nitrogen to eventually a harmless nitrogen gas. The liquid substance that has been treated in the biological process will have an after treatment and can eventually be spread over private land or, if aduction is permitted, can be abducted in the sewer. At this moment the Kamplan manure treatment system abduct the effluent in the sewer.

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