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Thursday 12 June 2014


The liquid feed NIPPELmix system is a great addition to a multi-stage dry feeding system. The system is a combination of a multi-stage dry feed installation, together with a ringcircuit for feeding liquid NIPPELmix (12%  dry matter).

The big difference with the traditional nippelsystem is that the traditional nipple is replaced by a metal detection pin  and the ringcircuit is made out of a PVC pipeline  Ø 63 or 50 mm equiped with liquid feed valves.

A great advantage of using a larger diameter ringcircuit  combined with liquid feed valves, is that the customers are no longer bound to use certain products. Even if the food is more solid, this isn’t a problem any more.

The system consists of a weighted mixing tank in which chargewise NIPPELmix is being  made out of components in several different silos. This mixture is pumped through the circuit and dosed in to the feeders which are reported “empty” . This action will be done 3 times a day for a period of 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the needs of the pig.

Kamplan developed an intelligent valvebox, which is responsible for controlling the sensors and the liquid feed valves. Every minute this box will check if a sensor does report “empty”  and if so, this box will take care of dosing a predetermined quantity  in to these feeders.

The valve boxes are controlled by the feeding computer, by which the exact set up can be arranged, such as opening-time, waiting-time, valve-block.

By entering the amount of animals , the computer is able to calculate the daily amount of food that is necessary, based on a certain feeding-curve or if desired, a certain food reduction.

The mounting of the PVC ringcircuit can be combined with the mounting of the multi-stage dry feeding conveying tube, because these circuits  run parallel.

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