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Thursday 12 June 2014

Computer-controlled High Capacity system (2300 Kg/h)

Kamplan has managed to develope a High capacity computerised feedingsystem.  Together with AZA,

 a special drop has been developed, so called PIGSY R MAX. Kamplan combined this new drop with their latest intelligent control technology. Together with the other high quality components, such as drive units, corners, “magnelis” conveying tube etc, Kamplan is able to upgrade their computer-controlled feedingsystems up to 2300 Kg/h.

With this product, Kamplan can easily supply a system for the larger farms, because the feeding time can be reduced significantly!

The PIGSY R MAX drops are connected to pressed air. The electronic controlled airswitch is not mounted on the drop itself, but is mounted outside the stable in the central hallway.  So the electricity is kept out of the harmful environment which leads that way a more steady and reliable Kamplan feedingsystem!

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