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Takeover of ownership of Kamplan and new General Manager

Tuesday 10 November 2020

We are pleased to announce that from today onwards the Kamplan team will be expanded with a new General Manager. Kamplan is well known for its innovations in automation solutions in the agricultural sector. Examples are its reliable automatic feeding systems and world class manure treatment innovations that reduce emissions. In recent years Kamplan has been growing fast and developments on a number of innovations are looking very bright. To manage the growth, Hans van Zundert (41) has been added the team as General Manager.
Both Jos van den Langenberg and Eric van Rijbroek will continue to be involved in Kamplan for the coming years in slightly different roles. Their focus will be on customer relations, technology and innovation. Hans van Zundert will also take over ownership in Kamplan in a phased manner and will ensure further professionalization of the company and long-term continuity. Hans has a family background with agricultural roots and extensive international experience. He brings a wealth of experience to Kamplan from various sectors in which technology is an important success factor.
We see these steps as a very positive step to allow the company to grow together with our customers and to professionalize further. We trust we can serve our partners even better in this way in the future!

Best regards on behalf of Team Kamplan,

Jos van den Langenberg, Eric van Rijbroek & Hans van Zundert

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